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About us

North-western Motocross Development Center «АURORA» is a multifunctional platform consisting of:
  • school of motorcycle sports
  • competition organization of regional and federal level
  • vehicle supply and maintenance (snowmobile, motorcycles, quadracycles)
  • The center was based on the sports team which has been actively participating in motocross and snowcross sports events of Russian and international level since 2007. For some time the team performed by another names such as: "ROSAN LAKHTA", "PARNASMOTO".

    Sergey Vladimirovich Chulochnikov is a mastermind and a founder of North-western Motocross Development Center "Aurora" and also he is its head coach. He is a teaching staff faculty graduate of the Lesgaft National State University, a graduate of Saint-Petersburg Industrial Teacher Training College, a multiple medalist at Motocross and Sidecar Motocross Championship of Russia and also a medalist of Quadracyclecross Championship of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, a participant of motocross international competitions. He is a son of Vladimir Sergeevich Chulochnikov who was a Merited Master of Sports of the USSR at sidecar motocross, a multiple participant and winner of international level competitions and a competitions organizer. Besides, Sergey Chulochnikov has been a member of Saint-Petersburg Motocross Commission since 2012. Saint-Petersburg Motocross Federation awarded the title of the city best organizers to him and Vladislav Grichenko in 2013.

    Our team

    Sergey Chulochnikov Sergey Chulochnikov

    Sergey Chulochnikov

    Head of school
    Main coach
    Artem Pehterev Artem Pehterev

    Artem Pehterev

    Artem Piyanusov Artem Piyanusov

    Artem Piyanusov

    Daniil Polonsky Daniil Polonsky

    Daniil Polonsky

    Vladimir Overchenko Vladimir Overchenko

    Vladimir Overchenko

    Dmitriy Petrov Dmitriy Petrov

    Dmitriy Petrov